14 Proven Ways to Learn New Things Faster

1. Take notes with pen and paper (You’re more likely to remember something you’ve written down).

2. Have effective note-taking skills.

3. Distributed practice (or study sessions on a topic over a period of time.)

4. Study, sleep, more study.

5. Change your practice technique each day (If you’re learning a skill, don’t do the same thing over and over. Make slight changes every time).

6. Try a mnemonic device.

7. Use brain breaks to restore focus.

8. Stay hydrated (Don’t ignore this!)

9. Learn information in multiple ways.

10. Connect what you learn with something you know.

11. Read aloud (Hearing yourself repeat the information helps you remember it easier).

12. Try self-testing.

13. Make an analogy to something you already know.

14. Stop multitasking.


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