New Kidnappers Tactics Expose, Read And Be Guided.

The message below was forwarded to me to put me on guide. Although, on several occasions I have turned down job offer from River State, Ogun, Oyo etc.

On Sunday, I got a call from a lady who called hersel Esther with phone number 0814 164 8710 claiming to be a contractor. She claimed my services is urgently needed in Asaba. She said I should be in Asaba immediately as the company owner want to se me before hi will travel.

I asked her for the address and she sent me a known factory with instructions to call here once am there and she will pick me up.

I informed her that I requested for address and not a description, after much talk I told her I wil send someone over. She and her gang never knew I have an agent in Asaba since am based in Abuja.

I briefed my agent, I told once the lady arrive he should snap her picture and car plate number on WhatsApp before following her. My agent called her after he arrived the place she want me to wait. He called and she didn’t answer. I called that my agent is thee wait and she said she is leaving to meet him up. My agent waited for over 4hrs she didn’t show up, after waiting for over16hrs, I called her, she answer after hearing my voice she hanged up, I called over 10 times but she refuse answering. I ended up sending her message that her kidnap plan have failed the is when she switch off her phone.
Here is the story on how someone fell a victim:

Good morning everyone, hope we all had fun during the Easter holidays. My own fun started quite late ’cause of situations beyond our control, and that’s what I want to share with us so we all would be careful out there.
So my younger sister who lives in Abuja (she owns a solar company) was contacted by some guy who claimed to be a philanthropist and a politician in Portharcourt. He told her he’s heard about her company and needed their services, he said he wants to give his community a borehole and put Solar Street lights from his house to the main road. To cut the long story short, transactions was initiated and all necessary information/documents presented via email, Initial deposit made and concluded, so my sis got her engineers ready for work but went ahead of them to survey and sign the final documents. The said man sent his supposed driver to pick her up from the airport and that was the beginning of our nightmare… Lo and behold they are Kidnappers!! They kidnapped my sister on Saturday evening and demanded 10mil. Of course they took back the initial deposit they paid and wiped her account clean, shot her on the leg, killed about two guys whose family was not coming fort with the ransom demanded, promised us they’ll kill my sister too and sell her body parts like they’ll do the ones already dead.
Hmmm!! You can imagine the fear and confusion that was going through our heads at this point, coupled with the fact that we lost our eldest brother a year ago this month… It’s a situation I don’t wish on anyone, it’s a terrible terrible experience.
Eventually we negotiated and paid the ransom that night, she was then released Sunday afternoon around 2pm… She’s still traumatised but alive to the glory of God.
So guys be careful out there, be at alert when seeking for jobs or contracts. These guys sounded so genuine eh and I mean they made a deposit of 2mil… Smh.
God’s protections on us all. Please let’s be careful. God will save us from evils one.

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