17 Reasons Why Sex is Truly Important and Why You Should Have More Of It daily

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Like you needed them, but we’re going to give you them anyway. We think that sex is truly ace and we have 16 solid reasons why we have come that conclusion…..aside from the fact it’s fun!

1. Having sex reduces blood pressure and can relieve stress.

2.When you have sex your levels of antibody called immunoglobulin A, or IgA increases. This strengthens your immune system and helps to prevent colds and flu.

3. You can burn calories during sex, and if you partake in some vigorous sex then you can burn up to 85 of them.

4. If you’re self-esteem is low then try having more sex. Sex can improve your mood and help you to improve any self-esteem issues that you have.

5. Studies have shown that sex can reduce your chance of a heart attack.

6. Sex also provides pain relief because when you have sex your body produces oxytocin. Oxytocin helps to reduce general aches and pains such as headaches.

9. Pelvic floor muscles are another benefit of sex for both men and women.

10. If you need a better nights rest then why not try having more sex. Sex is said to improve your sleep overall.  In addition to improving stress levels, sex is also said to relieve depression and anxiety.

11. Apparently guys who climax at least 2 times a week lower their chances of death by 50%.

12. You can also define your shape better by having sex. Sex, especially in different positions, can contribute of a more toned body. The Kama Sutra is perfect for this.

13. If you use sex toys then sex can help you to broaden your mind and be more creative.

14. Research has managed to link 21 ejaculations per month with a reduced risk of prostate cancer.

15. Lower estrogen levels help women to keep their youth by making their hair shiny and skin supple.

16. Men, the more sex you have, the more your testosterone level increases, and the more you want. I think the message here is power through here.

17. If you’re looking to have a baby and your sperm are a bit sluggish then you will be glad to know that the more sex you have, the more semen you produce, and the greater chance of kids you have.

We have only listed a few of the overall benefits that sex brings but believe us, there’s more. Besides, we were convinced that sex was great at the beginning of the article….but now we’re sure! No excuses to get down and dirty any more.

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