ROTTERDAM STORIES: 4 Museums in Rotterdam That Will Make You Understand More About This City

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Rotterdam is one of the most alluring cities in the Netherlands. It is actually a major port city and the top 2 of the largest cities in the country. Known for its riverside locale and lively and enthusiastic lifestyle and culture, Rotterdam continues to be an important and beautiful city in the province of South Holland.

There are so many thought-provoking and astounding things to learn and discover about the history of Rotterdam. Definitely, it has a distinctive and cherished past, a well-worked and advanced present and a hopeful future. If you are going to travel to Rotterdam, you should not miss the chance to visit some of its museums because you will surely get a lot of exclusive and impressive information about Rotterdam through them.

If you want to have an idea of what museums to spend your precious time in, below is a list of four of them, some introduction and a little tour to what they offer. 

[1] Netherlands Photo Museum (Nederlands Fotomuseum)

Wikimedia Commons Nederlands FotomuseumNederlands Fotomuseum
Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

Whether you are a lover of the camera and its power or not, surely, you will get mesmerized and your thoughts will be filled with new information from visual treasures of photography found in the Netherlands Photo Museum. In Dutch, it is the Nederlands Fotomuseum. 

As its name implies, this museum is a house loaded with pictures. What are those images about? They are primarily showcasing the twentieth century’s and the twenty-first century’s history, society and culture. That’s not just from the Netherlands but from other parts of the globe. There are more than three million pictures shot by Dutch photographers, and they will wow you, without a doubt! To protect all these darlings, where they are kept is securely climate controlled.

Source Which Museum Nederlands Fotomuseum Inside Nederlands Fotomuseum
Photo Source: Which Museum

Source Hotspot Holland Nederlands FotomuseumInside Nederlands Fotomuseum
Photo Source: Hotspot Holland

1989 was the founding year of this museum with its original name, Nederlands Foto Archief. Today, you can go to the museum with or without guided tours. There are digital images and shorts which you can see and watch.

Going to the Netherlands Photo Museum is an extraordinary chance to see through the eyes of the talented Dutch photographers who witnessed exemplary and significant portions of the past. Through photographs, they relay to the guests of the museum what happened then and how things have changed now. The photos explain themselves and make you feel what you have to feel. Experience the great art of Dutch photography focusing on its beloved history as you come to the Nederlands Fotomuseum. 

Source Trip Advisor Nederlands FotomuseumNederlands Fotomuseum entrance
Photo Source: Trip Advisor

[2] Cube Houses (Kijk-Kubus)

Pixabay Edi Nugraha Cube Houses Rotterdam Cube Houses
Photo Source: Pixabay – Edi Nugraha

Best for architecture-lovers and astounding for every person, the Cube Houses, or Kijk Kubus in Dutch, is a place worth seeing in Rotterdam. Its name is literally what it is. 

The architect of the Cube Houses is Piet Blom. He designed them as a part of the Blaakse Bos development. In  1974 were the first three test versions made. Now, it is a well-embellished museum created and designed with the aim to let people visiting the place experience and get a glimpse of what life is like in a Cube House. 

Source Odd Stuff Magazine Cube Houses RotterdamInside the Cube House
Photo Source: Odd Stuff Magazine

Wikimedia Commons Inside Cube Houses RotterdamInside the Cube House
Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

A village within a city is what Blom wants to represent here, and every house illustrates a tree. A forest is then the product of all the houses put side by side together in the vicinity. The main idea of this project is to maximize and make better use of spaces in a house.

Tourists and travelers find the place very amazing as such is a rare sight in the world. The concept of creating and designing this museum is very unique and unmatched. The facade will make you curious of what is found inside and of how it actually feels to live in such a house.

Going inside, as tipped by those who already experienced entering the Cube Houses, be careful and make sure you balance well because the steps are narrow. You can visit the Kijk-Kubus any day of the week.

Pixabay SBVguenter Cube Houses RotterdamPhoto Source: Pixabay – SBVguenter

[3] Museum Rotterdam

Source Trip Advisor Museum RotterdamMuseum Rotterdam
Photo Source: Trip Advisor

By just hearing its name, you would not really know what it is about, but you will know it is about Rotterdam. Museum Rotterdam is centered on preserving and exhibiting Rotterdam’s heritage. It stores and unveils objects and information significantly representing specific facets of the city’s many-sided historical past and present.

Built in 1905, its original name was Museum of Antiquities which explains what it is for. Then it was renamed the Historical Museum of Rotterdam. That time, it dignified and magnified Rotterdam´s Golden Age, as it was an era when city’s heart had deficiency and insufficiency in providing and presenting historical references because to its ruination in the 1940 assault and bombing. 

Source Rotterdam Tourist Information Museum RotterdamPhoto Source: Rotterdam Tourist Information

Museum Rotterdam currently keeps more than 40,000 singular artefacts and routinely organizes and holds exhibitions that spotlights on key matters from Rotterdam’s history.

You will see this impressive establishment even more proving how Rotterdam is a place of surprising and breathtaking architectural styles.

[4] Maritime Museum Rotterdam

Wikipedia Maritiem Museum RotterdamPhoto Source: Wikipedia

Rotterdam is known for being a principal logistic and economic centre and the largest port in the whole of Europe. With that being said, it is impossible for this city to forget about remembering, appreciating and taking pride in their rich maritime heritage. 

Established by Prince Henry of the Netherlands in 1874, Maritime Museum Rotterdam is the place carrying the matchless naval history of Rotterdam. The Maritime Museum Harbour next to it displays outstanding and impressive compedia of historic vessels conserved and kept to make sure they are still in a functional state. There are exhibitions inside the Maritime Museum and a special section called Masterpieces where 25 distinct items from its vintage anthology are shown.

Source KOSSMANN.DEJONG Maritime Museum RotterdamPhoto Source: KOSSMANN.DEJONG

Also, this museum lets kids learn about this particular part of Netherlands’ history. Professor Splash is an exhibition mainly made for kids aged 4 to 12 years. Here, they get introduced to the maritime world through fun and play. They get to know the kinds of ships and also have a roleplay experience of how it is to work in the port, navigate the ship and how product transportation (through their toys as representatives) happens by ship in the Netherlands.

Maritime Museum Rotterdam is truly a place of interesting history and information regarding a chief place in the Netherlands, Rotterdam. Phoy

Source Trip com Maritime Musuem RotterdamPhotoSource: 



Rotterdam has an abundant past, present and future. There are many developments and innovations which have happened since then. Various subject matters are displayed and can be learned from the museums in this city, and the 4 on the list are just some of them which you should enter when you are in the Netherlands. 

Also, a long day or museum strolling and learning can be exhausting too. Do not hesitate to look for places to eat, to shop and to rest in! Near those museums are also some restaurants, food hubs, malls and hotels in Rotterdam which are sought-after and also good for your budget and convenience! 

It’s a beautiful thing to learn and explore more about Rotterdam, so when you’re there, waste no time; get up on your feet, have fun and fill your head and heart with the Rotterdam knowledge and understanding. 


Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for PREMIER SUITES PLUS Rotterdam, an excellent alternative to a conventional hotel offering extensive serviced apartments for both locals and travelers. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts, she finished her studies as a Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines.

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