Skin Approves: 6 Things that Your Skin Will Truly Love This Summer

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Summer is such a wonderful time when you can peacefully go out of your house, do errands and also have fun. Unlike during rainy seasons, you can move from here to there to accomplish your plans without the hassle of wet grounds, the heavily pouring rain and the even more stressful road conditions. 

A lot of people love summertime because they just love the sun, how it makes their skin tanned and how they can wear clothes they consider most comfortable during summer. Indeed, this season enables you to do things rainy and wet seasons do not, but be careful also because your skin might not always like it. 

Keep in mind that summertime may also literally and figuratively give you headaches because of many reasons, and one of them is the sun’s scorching heat. Your sweat makes you sweatier than it does on a regular day. Your skin can also get sunburned. You must know how to maintain the good health of your skin even if you consider summer as a good and enjoyable time! 

Even in little ways you can do that. You can look after your skin very well. Be mindful of the things you use that might be helpful to your skin. Below are 6 things that your skin will truly and surely love this summer:


Summer’s atmosphere is mostly humid. It gives you that sticky and annoying feeling that makes you know that it’s that time of the year. You can get easily irritated because of the warm feeling in and out of your body, on and under your skin. You might think that the best clothes to wear are those that expose your skin, so that you can avoid getting too sweaty and can prevent yourself from feeling too hot, however, they are not always the top choices. 

You should also choose to wear sleeved clothes and those clothes that cover and shield your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. The sun has health benefits, but it depends on what period of the day you’re putting yourself under its heat. The sun’s ultraviolet rays are dangerous as they are the biggest agents of developing skin cancer

You may get sweaty with sleeved clothes, but you are definitely able to put a wall between your skin and the sun’s harmful effects. 


You don’t always need to go swimming at the beach or in a resort for you to buy and apply sunscreen. When you go out of your house on a regular day, you already get vulnerable to factors and elements that exist in the environment. 

That is why it is also important to use sunscreen. It hampers the harmful rays from the sun from getting deep into the skin and stimulating skin ailments that you might obtain. Using sunscreen, you also prevent your skin from the appearance of aging signs namely fine lines and wrinkles.

If you leave the house on a sunny day after applying sunscreen, you are covered with vital skin proteins like keratin, collagen and elastin. Keratin works on the skin’s rigidness and skin protection. Collagen nurtures skin to become vibrant, youthful, radiant and healthy. Elastin specializes in making skin elastic and firm. 

Blotchiness and outbreak of red veins that occur as irritatingly as the dawn of acne and other sun rays-caused destructions can be hindered. Wearing sunscreen daily will keep your skin away from the risk of various types of skin cancer. 

SPF 30 is the most common level for most people and skin types. Make sure to get the proper sunscreen for your skin. 



You might think of leaving your umbrella because it’s not raining outside, but keep in mind that you also need it to shield yourself from the sun. Yes, it does not directly cover your body as your clothes do, but it helps a lot in giving you shade. Because of it, you can prevent your skin from getting hurt because of the sun’s blazing heat. 

There is a particular period of the day when the sun is healthy and safe to the skin, and there’s no need for you to open your umbrella, however, it can be very dangerous at times. The sun’s UV rays cause that. Surprisingly, these harmful rays could have certain advantages, but most of what UV rays do is disadvantageous. 

Your skin would surely benefit if you have your umbrella with you wherever you go, especially when the sun’s too bright. 


Caps and hats do not wholly coat your body, but they can absolutely help a lot in shielding your facial skin from the sun’s heat. You know how your face can get warm and even hurt with too much sun exposure. Add to it the roasting feeling you get from its combination with vehicles’ fumes and people’s body heat. 

It would be beneficial to wear caps or hats with wide brims. They also protect your eyes essentially. Even if caps and hats seem to do a bit, remember that big problems such as skin cancer can start from small reasons too. 


Not only fashionable, sunglasses are most importantly used to protect your skin from the sun. The eyes and the skin around them are kept safe. 

Unfortunately, not all sunglasses are helpful because some are solely made for the purpose of “style and fashion”. The right sunglasses provide sun protection and guard the skin against other detrimental elements. UV rays can cause permanent impairment to the eyes. They can even lead to scarring and eventually, other grave future eye health problems. You know how the intense heat of the sun makes your eyes squint when you’re outdoors, and too much of that can cause development of wrinkles. With proper sunglasses’ aid, you can become more comfortable both in looks and in feeling.


Truly, when it’s hot, airless and sticky, all you want to do is to stay in an airconditioned room or live inside the freezer if that’s possible! You take baths from time to time when you feel like doing so! That’s indeed summer! Having a cool bath refreshes you and relieves your irritated feeling. 

Aside from bathing yourself with cold water for you to forget for some time summer’s strong heat, it is valuable that you also don’t forget consuming plenty of water. Drink lots of it to prevent yourself from dehydration. Not only what’s inside that gets hydrated but also your skin. While the atmosphere might cause your skin to get moistureless and flaky, drinking H2O will make it glow and moist still. 



Summer is mostly a season to delight in because you have more opportunities and more reasons to have a pleasant time. Some moments can just become straining if your health and your comfort get disturbed. Summer’s sun is still the same sun in whatever season, but you know it’s much more EXTRA during this particular period. 

That’s why you must keep yourself protected from it; although it has boons, there could be health drawbacks as well. From simple sunburns to the most ruinous skin cancer, the UV rays from the sun can do so much. 

The above-mentioned things or objects might seem usual and basic, but their commonness make people overlook and underestimate their importance. They may be the things you already have inside your closet or even in your bag, but do you take them out and use them? Some are used for style and fashion, that’s why some people don’t use them on a regular sunny day. Are you alike with those people? Do you endure the heat of the sun and not put out your umbrella just because the color doesn’t fit your clothes? Who actually cares so much more about style when health is already at stake?

This piece is a gentle reminder for you to know and realize even more the seemingly simple yet essential things that your skin will love during the warmest season that is summer. It’s a time to love your skin even more as it loves you.    

AUTHOR BIO: Through informative write-ups, Nicole Ann Pore shares how significant it is to give high regard to the skin, not only for its beauty but most especially, for its health. She is a daytime writer for Geniale Skin Cancer Clinic, a cosmetic surgical and aesthetic centre in Australia that gives only brilliant experiences and results to its clients. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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