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Acceptance of User Agreement.

Thanks for choosing Talkyourown social community website. We’re pleased to make our Service available to you. Talkyourown website includes social and interactive features. By using our website,  you agree to adhere with the rules and regulation of our website. If you don’t agree with these Terms, then please don’t use our website.

USER Eligibility.

User Under 13 – Members must be at least 13 years old to be a part of Talkyourown.com. All posts and accounts from members under 13 will be removed from the site and their membership cancelled. You also agree that any registration information that you submit to Talkyourown.com is true, accurate and complete, and you agree to keep it that way at all times.


In consideration of your use of the Site, you agree to:

(a) Provide accurate, current and complete information about you as may be prompted by any registration forms on the Site (“Registration Data”);

(b) Maintain the security of your password and identification;

(c) Maintain and promptly update the Registration Data, and any other information you provide to Talkyourown, to keep it accurate, current and complete;

(d) Have not more than one Member account;

(e) be fully responsible for all use of your account and for any actions that take place using your account.


You are solely responsible for the questions, opinions, comments, editorials, photos, profiles, messages, notes, text, information, music, video, advertisements, listings, public messaging, private messaging participation and other content that you upload, publish or display (hereinafter, “post”) on or through the Service or the Site, or transmit to or share with other users (collectively the “User Content”).

You may not post, transmit, or share User Content on the Site or Service that you did not create or that you do not have permission to post.

You understand and agree that the website may, but is not obligated to, review the Site and may modify, change, moderate partially or as a whole, delete or remove (without notice) any Site Content or User Content in its sole discretion, for any reason or no reason, including without limitation User Content that in the sole judgment of the website violates this Agreement , or which might be offensive, illegal, or that might harm, violate the rights of, or threaten the safety of users or others.

You are solely responsible at your sole cost and expense for creating backup copies and replacing any User Content you post or store on the Site or provide to the Company.

You understand that when you upload, post, transmit, share, store or otherwise make Content publicly available, other online users will have access to this Content.

When you post User Content to the Site, you authorize and direct us to make such copies thereof as we deem necessary in order to facilitate the posting and storage of the User Content on the Site.

By posting User Content to any part of the Site, you automatically grant, and you represent and warrant that you have the right to grant, to the website an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, transferable, fully paid, worldwide license (with the right to sublicense) to use, copy, publicly perform, publicly display, reformat, translate, excerpt (in whole or in part), stream, store, retain, transmit, scan, modify, edit, adapt and distribute such User Content for any purpose on or in connection with the Site or the promotion thereof, to prepare derivative works of, or incorporate into other works, such User Content, and to grant and authorize sublicenses of the foregoing.

You may remove your User Content from the Site at Company’s sole discretion. Talkyourown.com is not responsible for any failure or delay in removing User Content. If our website chooses to remove your User Content, the license granted above will automatically expire; however you acknowledge that the website may retain archived copies of your User Content.

Talkyourown.com assumes no responsibility for monitoring the site for inappropriate Content or conduct, including the content of any public messaging on or through private messaging, or Other Messaging.

If at any time we choose, in our sole discretion, to monitor the Website, we nonetheless assume no responsibility for the Content, no obligation to modify or remove any inappropriate Content, and no responsibility for the conduct of the User submitting any such Content.


What are the rules for posting on Talkyourown.com? Why was my post removed?
Talkyourown reserves the right to edit content to ensure quality and to remove content that is inappropriate or abusive. We will remove content that breaks the law, is indecent or obscene, which defames anyone based on race, religion, disability, etc, or which is otherwise viewed as offensive by contemporary community standards.

A Moderator, Super Moderator may hide your post if it is considered to be against the site rules. Or an Admin may directly remove your post. A hidden post will be re-evaluated by our Admin team who will then make a final decision to permanently remove or reinstate the post. When an admin removes a post or comment, the member will lose 10-5  points respectively for that post. Please DO NOT post Questions asking why specific posts were removed, as those Questions will be removed as well. Come to us with those questions

Our Method Of Payment:

We share revenue with our members starting from at least N5000 or above, which is our payment threshold. Once the available revenue is finally exhausted, pending earning will be carried over to the following month revenue payout. If you did not get paid while, your earning will be carried over to the following month. You only need to earn more to  have a share on the following month revenue payout.

Our general posting guidelines are as follows:

Adult Content Under 18 – These are posts that contain overly sexual content posted by users under 18. Our members must be 18+ to ask “how to” sexual Questions. Posts that provide too many sexually graphic details by a member who is under 18 are removed for their protection. This is sexually related content that would not be presented in a high school Sexual Education course.
For example, for those under 18, a Sexuality Question such as, “Why do guys get pleasure from nude pics?” is fine while “Best way to turn on a guy friend?” is not.

Duplicate – If you’ve already posted a particular content, please do not post it again as it will be removed. If you’re wanting more Opinions, please consider sharing it via social media.
Also, duplicate accounts are never allowed under any circumstances. We only allow each member ONE talkyourown account so as to avoid clutter within the site.

Explicit – These are posts that contain depictions of overly graphic violence or sexually explicit details (text, images, videos or links) that are considered poor quality content. Full nudes and posts that encourage or glorify bestiality/incest are removed as explicit. Sexual responses to non-sexual Questions are also removed for this reason. Inappropriate comments from over 18 members directed at under 18 members will be removed as Explicit.

Grammar – If your post has so many abbreviations or spelling/grammar mistakes it will be removed. Also, please remember to post only in English. Content, comment and Opinions in other languages will be removed.

Member Posts – We do not allow members to talk negatively of other member in posts. “For example, “[username] is a stupid jerk!” will be removed”. And user will be temporarily BAN.

Offensive – Our caring community does not support malicious content, people come to Talkyourown to get help, not to get hurt. This includes posts that would be considered offensive to either a large group of people, ethnic, state, race, religion or attacks aimed at other specific members on the site. While we encourage lively debate, posts that antagonize other members are not allowed. Examples: “You’re an idiot.” “Go kill yourself.” “I want to rape and kill all women!” Users will be permanently BAN for this kind of offensive post or comment

Spam – If you include links or personal information for the sole purpose of advertisement or solicitation, your post will be removed. Posts that solicit members in any fashion are considered Spam (this would include asking for contact or other personal information).

Suicidal Tendencies – Posts that glorify suicide or questions asking how to commit suicide will be removed. This also includes posts that glorify self-harm such as cutting, engaging in eating disorders, and other harmful behavior. Members can talk about these subjects in questions as long as it does not glorify the action or ask members “how” to commit such actions. Example: “What’s the best way to commit suicide?” These posts are removed and we send the user a help message informing them how to get help.


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