The last part of the Game of Thrones will decide who will sit on the Iron Throne

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Los Angeles – The End of the Throne Game, a cult fantasy series from HBO, will take place today in the Czech Republic on Monday. Cable TV broadcasts the last sixth episode of the final eighth series of the story of rival noble families on the fictitious continent of Westland. The fans of the series will see the conclusion of a story about power, and in some cases the very survival of individual genera. There are also the lives of the remaining characters in the story.

The Throne Game takes place in the Seven Kingdoms, whose Iron Throne is fought by enemy families. These struggles are gradually joined by the desire for independence. Meanwhile, the last members of the once great Targaryen family were exiled outside the kingdom, on the Essos continent, and they also claim the throne they had previously held for their family.

The series drew on an extensive epic book saga, The Song of Ice and Fire, written by George Raymond Richard Martin. The series is named after the first book of the saga of the writer, who also contributed to the creation of a television story full of battles and mythical beings, but mainly representatives of seven noble families. They use all available means for their power goals, including political, dynastic and sexual intrigues.

The final denouement was preceded by several episodes, which many rock fans did not like too much. Some called them artificially delayed ending, criticizing protracted protagonists' dialogues. Only the harsh penultimate fifth episode raised unexpected questions and suggested possible answers.

Předplatitelé HBO jsou natěšení. Může být zabita Arya Stark, které se podařilo přežít masakr v Králově přístavišti i díky záhadné pomoci bílého koně? Není náhodou ona legendární hrdina Azor Ahai? Stane se po smrti královny Cersei jejím novým terčem Daenerys Targaryen? Přežije Jon Sníh?

For example, the renowned horror author Stephen King has spoken about his conclusion on the Throne Game. Like George RR Martin, he is not even trying to send his characters to death. King feels that Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, the ruler of the Dragon Stone, will eventually die, and the penultimate episode turns out to be a madman who, with the help of her dragon, burns thousands of innocent civilians and surrendering soldiers alive.

But then who will remain to get on the Iron Throne? "A small man with a big heart," King wrote on twitter. There is no doubt that he has in mind the clever dwarf Tyrion Lannister. Many common fans of the series share the same prediction with the famous writer. To many of them, Tyrion had grown to heart and wished he had the Iron Throne.

There are plenty of different speculations after each broadcast, and yet in new episodes there is no shortage of unexpected twists and surprises. Although in the fourth episode of the final series one was inadvertently caused by the authors. In fact, on the Daenerys Targaryen table, played by Emilia Clarke, a cup of Starbucks coffee was briefly displayed, so the internet was taken care of.

On average, over 17 million viewers watch the episodes of the Throne Games at their premiere, the highest in television history. Audience records break down in the Czech Republic.

Despite the frequent depiction of nudity and violence, the series is well perceived by critics thanks to performances, the complexity of characters and the imagination of action. The series won a total of 38 Emmy TV Awards.

The first series of viewers and criticisms of the award-winning Game of Thrones series started on April 17, 2011. Seven people participated in the series's screenplay, featuring lead artists, David Benioff and DB Weiss. The author of the book, George RR Martin, has written a screenplay for one piece in each of the first four rows. The series was shot in Malta, Iceland, Croatia and Northern Ireland. Music for the series was recorded in Prague.

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